My husband and I have worked with Sal for many years.  Due to the long established business relationship my husband had with him, we have also referred many  family members  to him, and now a second generation of family is using Sal’s services.  As the rates have dropped over the years, everyone  has  gone  back to him for the lowest available rates for refinancing.  No one  has left Nautical and gone with anyone else but Sal.   He is genuinely concerned about his  clients, and will follow up later if he knows a better rate can save you money.  Sal always could secure the best deals that no one else could match.  My husband passed away, and I am refinancing now. Due to a very complicated situation, Sal has gone well above and beyond to help me, and has been beyond patient in his dealings  both with me, and on my behalf.  He is always accessible, positive, ethical,  and friendly.

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